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After 8 years it was time for a change. There is a new lay-out and the Squadron logs are now completely published. All the pictures are newly scanned and the photo galleries are improved. Don’t believe Bing translator to much. Ton Smilde The last 306 member.


The 306 Squadron was the only photo reconnaissance squadron of the Royal Netherlands Air Force. No other tactical squadron was equipped with such a gamut of airplane types, like the F-84E, F-84G, RT-33, RF-84F, the special recce version of the F-104G, the RF- 104G, at first equipped with only three internally mounted, daylight cameras. This model was later modified to the RF-104G with the Orpheus pod. The 306 recce squadron was founded at the Air Base Volkel on September the 17th 1954. The first weeks it was based on RAF base Gütersloh in Germany. This was only for a few weeks, on November 8th it was moved to RAF Base Laarbruch. Their home Base for the next three years. At the end of 1957 the Squadron was moved again, this time back to Netherlands Air Base Deelen. From 1964 till 1969 another home base. This time it was Air Base Twenthe. It was here where 306 got the supersonic F-104G Starfighter as the first from all the Dutch squadrons in the Netherlands. In 1984 the F-104 was replaced by the RF-16. In 1969 the Squadron moved again, this time to Air Base Volkel. During the Balkan conflict in the 90ties the 306 Squadron flew hundreds recce missions above former Yugoslavia. A big change in 2001, the 306 Squadron became a training Squadron and moved with some Squadron members to Springfield Ohio on April 1st in 2007 to continue the training mission in coöperation with the Ohio National guard. At the end of October the Squadron was disbanded. Tucson Arizona was the new destination were the training mission was continued with the 148 Squadron. Luckily the Squadron will be "alive" again. A new Reaper Squadron that will be based at Air Base Leeuwarden and will carry the name 306 Squadron.  A nice aspect, the future Reaper Squadrons first commander is a former 306 recce pilot. It's too much work to translate all the Squadron logs. I hope that you can enjoy all the pictures that are posted on all the pages and galleries. To get acces to the Squadron logs click on “De Dagboeken”

306 Squadron

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